Rabbit Rabbit

I’ve joined Holidailies this year again, attempting to commit to writing a post every day this month.

Hi, hello.  I can’t keep up with our jetset lifestyle.  We are now in Eugene, OR, after fiveish weeks in La Pine, OR outside Bend, in central Oregon.

We didn’t love our last 3ish weeks in La Pine.  It snowed, and then…just kept being snowy, and even when it wasn’t snowing it still wasn’t hot enough to not be covered in snow outside.  The deck outside our house was just increasingly icy, and our rural neighborhood didn’t get plowed or enough traffic to melt on the roads. Going outside was increasingly unpleasant, and I already knew I can’t live anywhere I need to shovel the weather out of my way.  It was basically impossible to spend any time outside, which is how I keep myself alive.  It’s a perfect place, but only for three seasons a year.

So we are now in Eugene, which some people thought we wouldn’t like because it’s not…hip?  I guess?  Oh my god, I love a college town.  We’re in a neighborhood right on the Willamette river, a janky sort of bungalow neighborhood that clearly doesn’t have an HOA, and if we could afford to buy right this minute we would.

It’s an odd in-between space now, knowing we’re not going to commit to anything.  I’m a root-grower, I like to sink in wherever I am.  But part of the purpose of this undertaking is for us to get into discomfort zones.  Trying to re-adapt every 5-6 weeks to a new environment.  Living out of a cargo van.

It’s been a long time since I met the Holidailies brief, but I’m going to give it a serious try this time.  Follow along, won’t you?

3 responses to “Rabbit Rabbit”

  1. Eastern Oregon is one of the places Mr. and I have talked about as a place we might want to land when we leave our mountain in north Idaho (which I cannot recommend to anyone given how it’s changed in the years we’ve owned our place here).

    • I’ll say I was pleasantly surprised at the low volume of Flag Trucks and Batshit Banners I saw out in the La Pine/Sunriver area. Not none, but honestly I’ve seen higher concentrations in little SoCal high desert towns.

      • Bend/Sunriver did seem less batshit than where I am now when we were down there last winter for a week, and the state government there is certainly better than Idaho. Still I think we may need to look more closely at the western sides of Oregon and Washington … skiing maybe won’t be as good, but by the time we make a move we may not be skiing much anyway.