A Note for Go-Live

I’m about to tell some people about this blog, which means I’ll either run off and never update again or I’ll maybe attain some sense of accountability, but if you’re here then I’ve spread the word and hi, welcome, glad to have you coming along on my adventures!

Jay and I will have some shared social media – look for us at “planetearthxp” on whatever platform you might use for these things – but are still trying to get used to road life and adventures and stuff.  This place here is basically my back-channel for my own brain, and you’ll probably find a grab-bag of entries from vague lists of things I wanted to remember to my own musings to actual written-and-edited-like-an-essay things.

I am incredibly rusty.  I’d already just about stopped writing at all before the pandemic, and this is an attempt to get back in the saddle.

I have a lot more patience for working on that than I do on blog maintenance, so like the front page says PLEASE get yourself an RSS reader.  Maybe one day I’ll figure out how to install a plugin to email each entry, but one day could be a long way away.  Maybe it’ll be a particularly cold winter and I’ll be bored and feel tweaky, but don’t expect much.  As long as they’re no more work than keeping Akismet running, I’ll probably keep comments on, and please feel free to comment.  I might make you register, not so I can farm your precious email addresses but just because apparently that helps with the spam.  Maybe I’ll dust off my discord too.  Anything is possible.

Anyway: welcome.  And good luck, to you and me both.  Thanks for attempting to join me on this adventure.

This is the first entry that explains stuff.

One response to “A Note for Go-Live”

  1. Legit question: How are you managing your wardrobe – did you both drastically reduce? How is that?